Archaeological site on the bank of Chandan river to be a tourist attraction

Chandan river

The Bihar government intends to develop the newly discovered archaeological site at the banks of Chandan river into a tourist spot. 

Announcement regarding this was made by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar  after surveying the site located in Banka district.

Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

Kumar also inspected the articles found during excavation of the archaeological site and speculated that these appeared to be of more than 2600 years old.

Chief Minister said that  Lord Buddha had visited this area on the bank of the river. Kumar also directed the restoration of the flow of the Chandan river, so that excavation work could be done without any hinderance and obstacle. 

He said that experts would be consulted regarding the  articles found during initial excavation of the site.

The Chief Minister said it was  heartening  that various sites across the state had historical significance and could be developed as tourist spots. 

He said that the Chandan dam and the historical sites would be  developed to attract tourists from all parts of the country.

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