Bhumi Suposhan Abhiyan launched

Bhumi Suposhan Abhiyan launched

Thirty large mass-based organizations of the country including Swadeshi Jagran Manch have decided to launch a nationwide Bhumi Suposhan Abhiyan.

This includes motivating farmers towards organic farming, re-establishment of live stock in agriculture activities, creating a network of agro and food processing small industries, making farmers aware of the market challenges and opportunities and making agriculture profitable by connecting them to shared farming and other schemes etc. These will be the main objectives of this Abhiyan.

Mass awareness and public contact would be carried out in this campaign. On April 13 (Rising Day of Mother (Earth) all organizations will start this by celebrating Bhoomi Poojan Divas in lakhs of villages. After that, till July 24, as per their convenience and the circumstances of their respective states, all organizations will start a 21-day campaign across the country at their level.

To save India’s land from becoming barren, to save ground water, biodiversity, indigenous breed of live stock, public health, Swadeshi Jagran Manch appeals the people of the country to join this campaign.

Quality of India’s agricultural land has suffered for a while now.

The fertility of the soil has decreased and ground water is scarce. Statistics show that 30 percent of the total
area of the country and 60 percent of the agricultural land, which is 90.6 million hectares, has gone towards the desertification. 95 percent of the agricultural land in the country has suffered from deficiency of nitrogen, 90 percent of phosphorus and 55 percent of potash, the nutritional value of the crops has been reduced.

In 284 districts, groundwater went into the dark zone and most o the native breed of live stock have been exhausted.

As a result of this, the cost of farmers increased, the burden of subsidies increased on the
governments and the diseases in the public and their expenditure on diseases increased.

In the year 2019, the government provided subsidy of more than 80 thousand crores Rs. to the companies
manufacturing chemical fertilisers.

The state of public health has become such that almost every person of the country definitely knows
someone suffering from sugar, blood pressure, cancer, kidney and water borne diseases. Every year
a big population goes below poverty line due to medical expenses.

It is due to to such circumstances that ‘Bhumi Suposhan Abhiyan’ was conceived.

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