“Fashion is about Being Comfortable in Your own Skin’

“Fashion is about Being Comfortable in Your own Skin’

What I am seeing now is that people are either being too Western or are following a Bollywood version of Indian culture; so either people go for western outfits like Gucci and Armani or are trying to be Jodha Akbar which is equally fake. Let’s stop this play acting and just be who we are. Through my work I hope to tell people to engage with what our great heritage really is and not some kind of Bandra based Bollywoodization of the same” said well known fascion designer Tarun Tahiliani, he was giving a talk ‘The Evolution of Fashion and India Modern’ at New Delhi’s India International center recently. Tahiliani felt that women over 60 years of age look the best as they wear sarees in which they look natural and comfortable.

He felt that fashion should not impede a person’s ability to do things they need to do “When I was at Doon School we wore 100% woolen stockings in 45 degree heat, many such absurd colonial rules are still are practiced in India. Many times at weddings I see the bride can hardly walk in their designer wear, if she wishes to dance she has to go and change.  Fascion should allow you to move and be able to do the things you want to do and have fun.”

Tahiliani explained how fascion brought him closer to his culture “Living at South Bombay and Doon our Hindi used to be appalling but it was due to fashion that I discovered Indian culture. Fashiontook me to places I was not initially very comfortable with or at best just curious about.”

He advised the newer generation of designers to express themselves freely, persevere in their work and use social media to reach the targeted niche audience.

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