Germany bans neo-nazi Nordadler group

Germany bans neo-nazi Nordadler group

Berlin, June 23 The German government on Tuesday decided to ban an extreme right wing group which is believed to be adhering to the Nazi ideology.

The alleged neo-Nazi group called Nordadler which literally means the Northern Eagles was banned by Germany’s Interior Ministry as local Police raided suspected group members across four federal states.

Deutsche Welle reported that the police conducted raids targeting the group members in the German federal states of Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Lower Saxony.

Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter announced that the group mainly operated online and stressed that right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism has no place either in the real world or in the internet.

The ministry said members of Nordadler profess allegiance to Adolf Hitler and other important members of the Nazi regime and employ the symbols and jargon of the erstwhile Nazi regime.

The group was also said to be planning a national socialist settlement project involving like-minded people in rural areas.

In 2018 the alleged founder of Nordadler told the press that he saw himself as a Nazi and they were considering attacks against politicians.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office had said that the group at that time tried to obtain weapons, ammunition, and explosive material.

Nordadler is the third extreme right-wing group that has been banned this year by the German government so far. In January this year the “Combat 18” was banned and in March the “United German Peoples and Tribes” was banned.

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