N Korea sets up loudspeakers along border

N Korea sets up loudspeakers along border

Seoul,Jun 23 North Korea has set up around 20 loudspeakers in its border with South Korea for the purpose of voicing its propaganda.

The North began reinstalling the loudspeakers in the Demilitarized Zone that separates the two Koreas on Sunday, continuing its aggressive actions that has ramped up tensions in the Korean Peninsula, Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday.

Most of the loud speakers had been removed under the 2018 summit agreement between the two Koreas, but North is likely to install more, as prior to the 2018 agreement it operated around 40 loudspeakers,

North Korea has been livid with the South for allowing North Korean defectors and activists from its territory to send propaganda leaflets on balloons over to the north. These leaftets are critical of the communist regime.

Pyongyang could soon resume broadcasting through these loudspeakers, besides sending of anti-Seoul leaflets as Kim Jong Un’s leadership has already got the approval from the ruling Workers’ Party’s central military commission.

South Korea’s defense ministry on Monday said that it is closely monitoring the North’s moves, and is ready to respond to any provocation.

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