Rajgir to have a new ropeway by February

Rajgir to have a new ropeway by February

In order to give a boost to the tourism and for better communication facilities for the visitors, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar  has announced that a new ropeway would be functional by February next year in Rajgir. 

After inspecting the ongoing construction work, Mr Kumar told news persons that the ropeway was to be finished by October 25, 2019, however due to some modification and covid-19 pandemic it got delayed and now it would be finished by February 2021. 

Describing the importance of the new ropeway being constructed in Rajgir Mr Kumar said that once it is complete it will make the communication of the tourists as well as the local people easy. 

The CM also expected other projects including the the park at Ghorakatora lake, Venuvan and directed the authorities concerned to ensure cleanliness at these places. He suggested that  garbage be kept in ditches to convert it into manure. 

Regarding Venuvan the CM asked the authorities to develop the facilities keeping in mind the foreign tourists who visit the area for religious purposes. 

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